• The Welcome Box

    We think our Welcome Box is the ideal way to start your holiday.


    In the past we have often packed in a hurry, grabbed the kids from school, driven 100 miles in the rain and traffic, only to arrive at our destination without some of the basics to even make a cup of tea. Then we try to recall the large supermarket we passed along the way and how far back it was, the kids are tired and grumpy and quite frankly by now that cup of tea is fast turning into wishing we had a glass of wine! This is NOT the way to start your holiday.


    Imagine this, arriving at your destination after a hellish journey, the kids and your partner are tired, stressed and hungry. It's late and nothing is open, but this time you have planned ahead and you know The Welcome Box is waiting for you.


    Whats in the Welcome Box


    The Stars.....


    Our own awesome hand made, multi award winning bacon (250g)

    Our bootiful (thats a Norfolkism ;-) ) natural apple wood smoked salmon (100g)

    Our succulent peppery old English style sausages (450g)

    Smiths The Bakers wholemeal sliced loaf (400g)

    Bungay raw butter (250g)

    Nelson & Norwich all day brew tea temples (15)

    Paddy & Scotts fresh ground coffee brew bags (5 caffinated, 1 de-caff)

    Harrisons milk chocolate bar (250g)

    Semi skimmed milk (1 litre).

    6 free range eggs or Happy eggs, Scrambled egg mix (dependent on whether hand delivered of courier).

    One pack of Silverspoon sugar cubes (theyre made in East Anglia you know?).


    The above are will be delivered to your holiday accomodation in our sealed cool box and will be waiting for your arrival.


    NB. 7 Days Notice Required