Relaxing the Lockdown

Its funny isnt it? It was difficult getting used to the lockdown thing. Getting used to the limitations that were put on us all and the change in mindset that that entailed. I found that as a business we needed to find new suppliers, foster new relationships and get a little creative with how we were getting together ingredients. Obviously, we managed to find our way through things, we managed to produce the products you were after and the rest is history.....

Three months on..... The government is taking the brake off of things and starting to allow us a bit more freedom to interact (albeit in a socially distanced way). We are again looking at new ways of doing things again and trying to establish how we can suit your needs as customers.

In general the Fish and Chip nights have grown to both Fridays and Saturdays, theyre really enjoyable but we have been sure that there are ways that we can get to more customers and make a bigger sucess of things with out compromising on quality. With so many people self isolating or unable to get to us to collect their order we found that we excluded these people from our little bit of deliciousness. With this in mind we've managed to come up with someone reliable and trustworthy so that we can put in place a delivery service. This should be up and running for the upcoming weekend. I'm not really confident that we can move packs of fish and chips miles and miles will lead to great products arriving at the other end of these journeys.

So.... if you know someone that might be interested in some great quality hot food dropped at their door make sure to give them our details and we'll get them sorted. We're doing free frlivery for orders of £10 or more and £2 for under that value. To ensure quality we're limiting things to 5 miles of PE12 9JU.

You never know, you could be having something like this in the back garden at the weekend!

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