Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

In spite of my generally surley outward appearance I'm generally positive, you have to be when you run a business. I suppose that if you didn't think things would work well you wouldn't out yourself out on a limb in the first place.

Its great seeing those businesses dusting off the cobwebs and joining the world again. Pubs are back as are other eateries and with a 1m social distancing rule in place things are 'normalising' nicely. Anyway.... after the positivity of the previous paragraph I have to say that the additional pressure on the business which I think we're finding ways of resolving. TBH 99% of what we've been doing has revolved around Fish and Chips on Friday and Saturday which although a little slow we're confident that we have great products delivered to people how they want it. We've had great feedback, why wouldn't we.

Looking forward we're aware that we want to hit the road running when the events circuit is up and running. With this in mind we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure our catering trailer is 100%, that we can reliably create the products that we want to at the quality and volume we need. There are BIG plans here, I'll keep that on the low-low for the time being.

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