Catering & Hog Roasts


20-200 Guests

We like to start any conversation about catering for YOUR event by asking 'what would YOU like?'.  Only after this conversation and a discussion on the number of guests, location, dietary requirements and budget would we put together a draft menu for you.  At this point we adjust dishes etc to YOUR desire.

We have a great deal of experience in catering for up to 200 people in either, buffet or a full service (sit down) formats.


Drop us a message to start a no obligation discussion.


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Hog Roasts

40-190 Guests

Always a favourite at any kind of event our Box Roast Hogs are cooked in a manner that maintains the maximum level of moisture in the meat while also providing as much crispy skin as possible. Unlike others we have a number of options for the hog itself, whether this is a straight forward seasoned pig or Mexican Adobo Style.  We can even offer our own homemade pulled pork  sauce.

Obviously, its not all about the pig!  We're great cooks, we can tailor the 'trimmings' any way you wish.  A basic option would be, white fluffy rolls, apple sauce, mustard and delicious flavoursome stuffing.

Why not add a leafy salad, or a pasta salad..... Alternately, we make the best roast potatoes, and delicious gravy........?

Like our other catering options its YOUR event, the decisions are all YOURS.

If you're interested in speaking about catering or hog roasts, either give us a call or complete the contact form.

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