Ok.... So I'll give the whole blog things another go.

In spite of my generally surley outward appearance I'm generally positive, you have to be when you run a business. I suppose that if you didn't think things would work well you wouldn't out yourself out on a limb in the first place.

Its great seeing those businesses dusting off the cobwebs and joining the world again. Pubs are back as are other eateries and with a 1m social distancing rule in place things are 'normalising' nicely. Anyway.... after the positivity of the previous paragraph I have to say that the additional pressure on the business which I think we're finding ways of resolving. TBH 99% of what we've been doing has revolved around Fish and Chips on Friday and Saturday which although a little slow we're confident that we have great products delivered to people how they want it. We've had great feedback, why wouldn't we.

Looking forward we're aware that we want to hit the road running when the events circuit is up and running. With this in mind we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure our catering trailer is 100%, that we can reliably create the products that we want to at the quality and volume we need. There are BIG plans here, I'll keep that on the low-low for the time being.

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Its funny isnt it? It was difficult getting used to the lockdown thing. Getting used to the limitations that were put on us all and the change in mindset that that entailed. I found that as a business we needed to find new suppliers, foster new relationships and get a little creative with how we were getting together ingredients. Obviously, we managed to find our way through things, we managed to produce the products you were after and the rest is history.....

Three months on..... The government is taking the brake off of things and starting to allow us a bit more freedom to interact (albeit in a socially distanced way). We are again looking at new ways of doing things again and trying to establish how we can suit your needs as customers.

In general the Fish and Chip nights have grown to both Fridays and Saturdays, theyre really enjoyable but we have been sure that there are ways that we can get to more customers and make a bigger sucess of things with out compromising on quality. With so many people self isolating or unable to get to us to collect their order we found that we excluded these people from our little bit of deliciousness. With this in mind we've managed to come up with someone reliable and trustworthy so that we can put in place a delivery service. This should be up and running for the upcoming weekend. I'm not really confident that we can move packs of fish and chips miles and miles will lead to great products arriving at the other end of these journeys.

So.... if you know someone that might be interested in some great quality hot food dropped at their door make sure to give them our details and we'll get them sorted. We're doing free frlivery for orders of £10 or more and £2 for under that value. To ensure quality we're limiting things to 5 miles of PE12 9JU.

You never know, you could be having something like this in the back garden at the weekend!

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I suppose one thing that the Covid thing has brought about has been an ever changing landscape for businesses and a changing list of needs that we as a business need to help people with. At the end of the day thats what we're doing at the moment, we're trying to provide those little things that make life a little more bareable. I suppose that's why the Fish and Chip Fry-yay and now Saturdays have going down so well. People have been missing those simple things.

Such has been the success and the positive feedback from the weekends we've decided to continue them for the time being and just 'see how things go'.

They're enjoyable, I get to have a chat as I serve and I'm loving the commute.

This week, I've managed to keep our bacon production rolling along as well as smoked salmon and smoked trout (which I haven't done for a while) as well as messing around with some

doughnuts. The doughnuts came up after a discussion with a friend in a "can you do it" kind of vibe. I love a project and after looking at a couple of recipes I saw its an enriched dough (similar to brioche) that's handled a little differently. It was a great little excercise and filled and afternoon with the kids during their half term holiday (they only knew it was a holiday, as neither one of us wasn't nagging them to do school work!)

Back in the work 'world' there are a few plans in the offing in the medium term that I'm really excited about and hopefully I can fill you in on in the next few weeks.

What is happening is a special competition for all of those that have been caring for people that have been shut in over the last few weeks. I think its a nice little prize and I think it rewards the great community spirit that has been show by so many people. Make sure to check out Facebook for the details and make sure to nominate someone to receive the prize.

Possibly the last thing to mention is that the first of the bread subscription orders went out to a number of customers on Friday. They received the first of their weekly delivery of fresh bread to their doorsteps ready for the weekend. Make sure to take a look at the offer and grab a subscription, at the moment we're doing it on a rolling monthly renewal so that if it doesnt suit its not a problem to drop out at the end of your paid period.

Anyway, have a great week, keep on staying safe and I'll see some of you on Friday and Saturday.


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