We are Anthony and Kirsty Bowen, the husband and wife team behind Three Counties.  We admit it, we're foodies, we're food snobs, but hey!  We think food is one of the greatest joys in life, we believe that we/you deserve the best, most delicious food at all times.  After all food nourishes the soul as well as the body.


Our Background.


A few years ago (2009) we set up a small business called Man Made Foods, making and selling a range of baked goods at farmers markets around South London.  When we moved to Long Sutton we took this as an opportunity to set down roots and use this as a focal point around which to build our Three Counties business. 


For three years we ran the Three Counties Deli & Coffee Shop which was rated number 1 in the area by Trip Advisor.  In the shop we focused on one thing, quality.  Never taking a short cut, always putting taste and the customer first.  It is this mindset we're continuing to champion at the events at which we cater and every morsel of food we create.


Our Ethos.

We feel that we acheive our excellent reputation by sticking to the mantra of 'Doing Simple Things Well'.  Whether this mantra is applied in our cooking or our dealing with customers.  We feel that the best things in life are often simple and straightforward.  What most people do is forget this.  When you get the simple things wrong, how can anything else work?


Born and raised in Norfolk, I was dragged kicking and screaming to London by my then future wife for adventures and crazy times.  

I fine with it! I'm in my mid-forties and I love to cook.  I'm the one with the impossible ideas, I'm the one that likes to do something different and to keep life interesting.

As far as I remember I've always cooked (which explains my waistline) and honed my culinary skills over years of cooking for our little family while broadening my food experience through travel and exposure to other cultures.

I'm someone that likes a project, that likes to get things right.  This enjoyment of the details has lead Three Counties to pick up 5 Great Taste Awards over 4 years.


I did not drag Anthony 'kicking and screaming' to London!

I, for my sins am an Essex girl, luckily I was raised in South London and have been infused with all the area has to offer.  I LOVE spice, Curry, Jerk, Piri Piri, I love it all!

I love to cook too, however, whenever Anthony's around I have to keep him away because i know he'll be in there as soon as my back's turned.  As long as he stays in his kitchen and I'm in mine nobody will get hurt.

We compliment each other really well, I'm the one with the sensible head.  We always bounce ideas off of one another on whatever we do.  At the end of the day I ensure he remains 'grounded' (putting it politely).